Canada has two official languages, much like yeah write has two official grids. One is not less than the other and we aim to serve you fluently in the grid of your choice.

Voila! Welcome to the yeah write hangout grid

As competitors do in the challenge grid, you will enjoy the spirit of community and support here at hangout grid, without the competition portion of the program. Add your post, visit the other bloggers, leave lovely comments, all while bringing us your best stuff—no voting required. There’s no rush since the hangout is open to submissions for five days, giving you plenty of time to craft a quality post during the week.

Bonus: you are still encouraged to vote for your three favorites on the challenge grid, just like the rest of the Internet, as long as you read all the posts in the interest of voting fairly. Plus, reading is always the key to improving your writing. Read and be read, inspire and be inspired.

The letters “FAQ”  are the same in English and French

Even though the posts on the hangout grid are not competitive, it’s important that you’ve read and understand the FAQ before linking up, especially if you are new to the grids. We like as many first-run blog posts as possible, without give-away or commercial content. Those policies make for a more enjoyable grid and remind us this is a writing challenge designed to show readers we’re not just a linkup of standard blog fare.

You can use the challenge grid’s weekly prompts to motivate you or tell us about great day you’ve had recently, but remember: you are writing for a broad audience who prefer good story over reflections on current events. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us think, but bring us your very best stuff.

Make your yeah write addiction a cause célèbre on the Web

Inlinkz, the app that hosts our grids on its server, has social media options. After you link your submission, you’ll be given the chance to announce to the world by tweet and Facebook status your excitement of linking with yeah write #70. Go for it, and let’s see how many new people will stop by to read your post and the others.

Don’t forget, if you’re having problems adding your post to the grid and you don’t get a response from me  immediately (usually between the hours of midnight US CDT and 6 a. m. US CDT [-5 GMT].), either to your tweet, comment or email, please tweet @inlinkz and Aris will be happy to help you figure it out. 

Yeah write #70 hangout grid is open for submissions, n’est-ce pas?