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Why aren’t you guys over on the summer series grid?

We are doing good things over there. We’ve conquered the narrative and we’ve found our authentic voice. This week, we are learning about the art of graphic design for our blogs. You should check it out.

Just in case I have your attention, in the fall, the hangout grid will remain the same cool place it’s been for the past few weeks: a place to bring your best stuff without the pressure of reading each blog on the grid and voting for your favorites like on the challenge grid.

For those of you hanging out here waiting for the challenge grid to return, a bit of a forewarning: the challenge grid will be moderated and we’ll be looking for entries following the FAQ guidelines. We’ll be looking for a story, a central conflict, a resolution told in photos, illustrations or fewer than 1,000 words. So even as you’re hanging out now, if you’re planning on submitting to the challenge grid when it returns, please pay close attention to what we’re laying out in the summer series. 

Have fun this week! 

The yeah write #66 hangout grid is open…