If yeah write were a paid gig and I were running it from a dimly lit cubicle, I’d be walking to the break room right now to grab a cup of coffee.

Maybe I’d have to track down my weekly contributors by email or phone. I know for a fact I would have a large distaste for anyone who worked out their personal issues with their speakerphones. 

At home is where I run yeah write, most times from the side of the bed nearer the bathroom. I sit in one particular corner of the mattress where my left arm can sweep an angle of 160 degrees to grab my choice of beverage while I write. In my mattressed office, there are no liquor laws, and it’s not as dumb as you may think for me to make a cup of coffee at 11 p.m.

My scheduler is a bit of a tyrant: he likes his sippy cold and his Wubbzy hot. He upholds a very strict no nap policy. There are times my federally mandated 15 minute break turns into three hours as I wield Optimus Prime in a gallant search for Heatwave beneath the helmet of Boba Fett the bounty hunter.

Monitoring the yeah write grids very often happens from the playground. Hang out with me there today, leaving your speakerphone behind.

The yeah write #63 hangout grid is open.

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