Foot rubs. Foot rubs and Mmmm Hmmming with friends.  That’s how the yeah write hangout grid feels to me. It’s where those of us who want to read at a steady, but not frantic, pace like to be. Yes, the occasional burst of pressure feels good (I’m talking about foot rubs, people! Don’t take it there), but overall, it’s about making sure to pay attention to this little piggy and that little piggy and spending extra time on the arch, if needed.

Basically, I like the hangout grid a lot. It’s comfortable, and it gives a lot of people attention, but with less expectation. You go where you like and pay attention where you want. The thing is, if you want people to come over and rub your feet, it’s usually a good idea to rub their feet as well.  And that’s where the whole “read and be read” idea comes in.

So join us by linking up your best work. Tell us some stories—fiction or nonfiction. Give us some laughs—chortles or giggles. Share some memories—beautiful or painful. Or even spout off some opinions—earnest and passionate. We can take it; that’s the great thing about hanging out. Less pressure, but it’s got lots of potential.

We at the hangout are all still encouraged to vote for five favorites on the challenge grid, hosted this week by Flood G. Just be sure to read all the posts to make it a fair race. If you need extrinsically intrinsic motivation, as an English teacher, I guarantee that reading more is always the key to improving your writing. You can trust me. I’m a professional.

Also, the key to improving the moods of everyone involved shows up on the FAQ page. 

Even though the posts on the hangout grid are more relaxed, it’s important that you read and understand the FAQ before linking up. Yeah write is a lot more fun when it is promotion and giveaway-free while still collecting as many first-run blog posts as possible.  Let’s keep people reading and remember that this is a writing challenge designed to show off our very best stuff, not just a link up to cull page views. Not that anyone on the hangout grid has ever ever culled page views; I’m talking, uh, about that challenge grid, those page view cullers. Heh.

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Yeah write #61 hangout grid is open right here.