Welcome to the yeah write #59 hangout grid!

Following the same linking guidelines of the challenge grid, you can still enjoy the spirit of community and support here at yeah write without the competition portion of the program. Add your post, visit the other bloggers, leave lovely comments, all while bringing us your best stuff—no voting required.


You are still encouraged to vote for your five favorites on the challenge grid, just like the rest of the Internet, as long as you read all the posts in the interest of voting fairly. Plus, reading more is always the key to improving your writing.

You know what you’d love reading more than anything in this world? The FAQ page

Even though the posts on the hangout grid are not competitive, it’s important that you read and understand the FAQ before linking up. I am a big fan of making the grid promotion– and giveaway-free while collecting as many first-run blog posts as possible. Those policies make for a more enjoyable grid and remind us this is a writing challenge designed to give our readers our very best stuff, not just a blog linkup of standard blog fare. 

If it’s before 7 am US CDT and you’re having problems

Don’t forget, if you’re having problems adding your post to the grid and you don’t get a response from me immediately, either to your tweet, comment or email, please please please tweet @inlinkz and Aris will be happy to help you figure it out. Sometimes, I’m sleepin’. Usually between the hours of midnight US CDT and 6 a. m. US CDT [-5 GMT]. Aris will help while I’m snoring. 

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