Sometimes, I’m tempted to open each yeah write challenge or hangout grid with the words: You know what to do. Then drop the mic.

Then I remember about the first-timers who probably don’t know what to do and, since I love yeah write virgins, I can’t abandon them.

“I’ve been linking up with yeah write since it was lovelinks.”

Then there are you old-timers who could probably use a refresher course. Each week, I’ve gotta send out what is for me a very difficult email with the subject line “your yeah write submission” and remind at least one person that promotional posts aren’t allowed on the grid (while ads are certainly allowed in the sidebar!) or that if a submitted post has already enjoyed its time in the sun while being linked up with several other blog events, I’d rather leave a spot on the grid open for someone who may have written a post specifically for yeah write.

What? The FAQ is still a thing?

So. Although I acknowledge the challenge grid is closing at 50 blogs earlier and earlier each week, it’s important that you read and understand the FAQ before linking up. I am a big fan of making the grid promotion- and giveaway-free while collecting as many first-run blog posts as possible. Those policies make for a more enjoyable grid and remind us this is a writing challenge designed to give our readers our very best stuff, not just a blog linkup of standard blog fare. 

Kick in the butt

I’m very glad for the kick in the pants to create the hangout grid, a non-competitive community of writers that is just as supportive as the challenge grid. It’s also a great place for a week’s exposure for those who may have missed the closing of the challenge grid and need a place to go. The hangout grid has the same guidelines as the challenge; the only difference is there is no voting. We still expect your very best stuff. We want yeah write to become the one-stop shop for the best blog stories gathered on the Web. 

The mystery lurker returns

Emma T has had to bow out as a yeah write lurking judge. Hey, it’s a tough job with very little pay (none), yet I’m determined to keep five writing awards on the books each week: editor’s choice, popular vote, and three lurker’s faves.

Would you mind being the mystery lurker for yeah write #59? I’m gonna pick a random number post-vote for yeah write #58 and, if that blogger has linked up with yeah write at least 10 times, I’ll privately ask him or her to be the next week’s mystery lurker. Yes, you can still link up even if you agree to judge. I’m sure you won’t choose your own and you’ll choose fairly among the others. What’s the saying? Only you can prevent forest fires. I hope you’ll help me out until I find a semi-permanent replacement for Emma.

Share your yeah write addiction on the Web

Inlinkz, the app that hosts our grids on its server, has added social media to its options. After you link your submission, you’ll be given the chance to announce to the world by tweet and Facebook status your excitement of linking with yeah write #58. Go for it, and let’s see how many new people will stop by to read your post and the others.

Don’t forget, if you’re having problems adding your post to the grid and you don’t get a response from me immediately, either to your tweet, comment or email, please please please tweet @inlinkz and Aris will be happy to help you figure it out. Sometimes, I’m sleepin’. Usually between the hours of midnight US CDT and 6 a. m. US CDT [-5 GMT]. Aris will help while I’m snoring. 

Helpful links


Yeah write #58 hangout grid is open over there.

Yeah write #58 challenge grid is open right here.

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The yeah write #58 challenge grid has now closed at 50 blogs. Please consider grabbing a “hanging out” button from the sidebar to join the wonderful bloggers on the hangout grid.