I don’t feel like Googling the subtitle of this post, so I’m hoping that phrase doesn’t symbolize some science lab formula gone terribly, horribly wrong.

Cuz this is a happy day at yeah write. After absorbing incidental feedback from two yeah writers who ended up on the final row of yeah write #54 and from an unrelated conversation on Twitter, I’ve decided to try something new this week. If it works, we’ll stick with it. If it goes terribly, horribly wrong, I’ll mourn my dead brain cells for a few days then go back to what we were doing in time for yeah write #56.

Who’s still with me?

We’re dividing up into two separate grids. The first one will close at our previous limit of 50 blogs. It’s still a writing competition, still a writing challenge. We will read all the entries so we can vote fairly for our five favorites. Our lovely and talented lurking judges will still decide your fate, along with my editor’s choice and the popular vote. For you more advanced storytellers with a competitive streak and something I like to call “the time and energy to read”, this is the grid for you. Let’s call it the yeah write challenge grid. Catchy, I know.

The challenge grid will be where the prizes are kept. So in addition to the superfecta challenge of winning all the writing awards over five weeks (earning the winner a new blog design) and the randomly drawn winner of a yeah write ad square, I’ll use random.org to draw yet another winner to receive a copy of Mike Young’s MC Oroville’s Answering Machine. I know the winner will love and cherish it as long as the winner has a U.S. mailing address.

The yeah write #55 challenge grid is open.

Want something just as awesome, but without the competition, voting and performance anxiety? The yeah write #55 hangout grid is here. Go look!

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So the yeah write #55 challenge grid has now closed at 50 blogs. Please consider grabbing a “hanging out” button from the sidebar to join the wonderful bloggers who are giving the new grid a try. Thanks!