yeah write #52 is open

I kinda miss my personal blog. It’s on life support from a malicious hacking, and I just haven’t taken the time to resurrect it. Sometimes, I wanna tell you guys stuff in this space, then I remember: oh, yeah, they’re here for the most awesome collection of posts from writers who blog and bloggers who write, not for my angsty or celebratory ramblings. 

guest post and blog redesign

So I guess I’d better get free fringes back up and running pretty soon. In the meantime, if you haven’t already visited me at Just Jennifer’s TGIGO (thank god it’s going okay) guest series, please head on over for a brief peek behind the curtain. Also, if you’ve been wondering why Q and I have been trying so hard to redesign your blog, go look at MannaHatta Mamma for a sample of our handiwork. Q’s header is stunning and Deb is completely enjoying the freedom that comes with white space and readable text. 

yeah write superfecta challenge

Now that Q is on his leave of absence from being a lurking writing challenge judge, we have two wonderful people who have stepped up to acknowledge your awesomeness. Each Friday, the winners’ post will list the favorites from me as editor’s choice, Flood as lurker’s favorite, Emma as lurker’s favorite, to-be-announced wonderful person as lurker’s favorite, popular vote, and comment karma. You would need to win editor’s choice, two lurkers’ favorites, popular vote and comment karma in five consecutive weeks without taking a break in your linking up to be eligible for a complete blog makeover design. It’s an offer into the perpetuity of yeah write. 

quick tips for a winning yeah write post


  • watch your post length—think short essay
  • don’t leave your readers hanging—how did the conflict end?
  • get to the point early and often; there’s no such thing as a 500-word intro



  • show sympathy or empathy for all of your characters, even the jerky mean ones
  • have a beginning, middle and end
  • remember: good stories can be told with words, photos or illustrations


 quick tips for helping us maintain a TGIGO grid


  • we are back to limited spaces, so if your post has already had its moment of glory with other linkups, please consider linking an original post to the grid
  • please do not link to your own link up
  • one post for each blogger for now



  • visit as many of the other posts on the grid as your schedule will allow
  • if you have time to visit, like, only two other blogs on the grid, please consider leaving a spot for someone who, well, you know, has more time
  • join the conversation on the ones you like


 …aaaaaand go

Holy moly, thanks to you guys who’ve stuck with yeah write for a whole year and to those of you who plan on being around for the next one. Yeah write #52 is open.

35 Responses to “yeah write #52 is open”

  1. it is so awesome that you do this! thank you. I’ve met some great bloggers and it is fun to have support.

    sorry to hear about the hack job. :-( Hang in there!

  2. I had some weirdness with voting this time and I think I either 1.) Voted twice for the same blog, 2.) Only voted 4 times total or 3.) Some combination of fail that encompasses the first two choices and other general fails. I voted, the page refreshed and it didn’t say I had voted so I voted again (because the way to fix a problem is to keep doing the same thing over and over) and then all my voting options were gone.

    I will learn eventually. So many great posts this round!

  3. I’m a virgin to YeahWrite, so glad I stumbled upon it! I’ll be back next Tuesday, thanks Erica!

  4. just have to say here that hiring the yeahwrite fabulons of Erica & Q was the best money I’ve ever spent. Thanks for all the compliments, yeahwriters – but I had NOTHING to do with it. And dang it, erica, get that freefringes up and going again b/c we miss you in your non-curatorial role, that is!

  5. By the way, Erica, my blogs (3 at the time) got put to death via a malicious hacking last summer. I lost 4+ years of content because I didn’t have the money, or patience to wait, for someone to fix them for me. I took my domain down to bare bones (deleted everything) and started over. Not necessarily recommending that if you can avoid it BUT … I survived as did the majority of my followers and ALL of my friends! :)

  6. Thanks so much for hosting this AWESOME batch of commenters! I’ve never seen the like! Y’all are making my little heart go all pitter patter!

  7. Reading and chickens [Tue] 10 Apr 12 at 11:40 pm

    Hooray for one year! And yes, get that site back up so we can shower you with love. :)

  8. Happy 1 year – I’m so glad I found this. You’ve given me so much in the last few weeks, I can’t begin to tell you. And, I would love to read your angsty and/or celebratory rantings, here or elsewhere. :)

  9. Horray! I’m not a virgin anymore.

    I think my favorite part about being a Sophomore is the fact that it won’t take me as long to read all the posts. Now that I am following a lot of you from last week, I have already read some of these great posts as they were published.

  10. 52!!! Yay you! Yay year!

  11. I’m linking up for the first time. I’m excited! Thanks for hosting such a fun link-up.

  12. I’m having a blonde day and have linked twice – I hate dumb moments! Is it possible to remove one link so that I’m not hogging two spaces – especially when there’s a limit on numbers


    • It’s a glitch in the beta testing system and not at all your fault. I removed the duplicate. Thanks for linking up!

  13. happy year! so glad to have found this group.

  14. first time linking up, and in my zeal i’ve linked-up twice in a row. i don’t think i can delete the duplicate, but hopefully you can!

    looking forward to being on the grid!

  15. Q’s header on MannaHattaMamma is amazing! I hate to say that I’ve read her blog many times but wasn’t getting the title right in my confused little head until I saw it written out the new way. And like the best headers, it’s not just a pretty face; it tells you visually what the blog is about. I’m not linking up this week because I haven’t written anything that’s worthy, but I’ll enjoy reading. And congrats on putting up with a group of writers for a whole year!

  16. I can’t my linky to load up, either, Birthday Girl! Is this some kind of bloggy shun? LOL

    • I’m using a beta version of Inlinkz with a few extra features, so there are always bugs to work out. I didn’t purposely shun you, but strangely, I think you ended up on a banned IP list. Oops! I removed you from the list, you should be good to go next time.

      • OOOooo! I like that! My IP was banned? That’s almost as good as writing something SO controversial that it’s banned. I feel all…. rebellious and shiznitz like that.

        Thanks for fixing me. Can I give you a list of my other problems, now? You handled that one so quickly.

  17. Still can’t get the link up to work! I tried last week for hours, found out inlinkz was having coding problems. Not sure what the problem is this week! My post I’m trying to link to (with your button) is here: Seems this Yeah Write is the only link up I can’t get to work (I’ve linked up with other sites no problem). Maybe you need to use a different inlinkz code? There are several choices.


  18. Oops I think I added mine twice. Could you remove one of them for me? I hadn’t entered my full email address and got no message so I assumed it wasn’t working – and I entered it agin! Dag nabbit! Sorry about that.

  19. Wow-happy birthday yeahwrite.

  20. It’s my first time linking up. I’ve been lurking for a couple of weeks. This week I thought, what the heck! Sometimes you just have to jump in, right?

  21. oh i totally would love to read your personal non-yeahwrite thoughts here. a year, huh? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)

  22. Go ahead and rant. :) Seriously, thank you for making this available to us crazy writer/bloggers.

    *Quick question. When I post my blog I keep putting MY name instead of my blogs name. Is there a way to correct it once it is posted? :(

    • No, once it’s posted, only I can edit. You can always send me a friendly neighborhood tweet or email and I’ll fix it for you like today :)

  23. I want to read your angsty thoughts. Thanks for giving me a place to share mine. xoxo

  24. Happy First year!
    I am trying to post but keep getting a message that i don’t have a link back… Any suggestions on what i should do? Erin

  25. Happy 1st year, Erica! I think you’ve created an amazing community and environment here.

  26. a year? amazing. i hope you’re giving yourself a celebratory cocktail or something. at least. you know…there’s a book in here somewhere – a collection of posts, with a fabulous introduction by YOU and photos from flood. just sayin…


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