Going away for the weekend for my toddler Ehren’s third birthday was a nice break from the Internet. We fished instead of Googling, ate home-cooked meals instead of writing blog posts, looked at family photos instead of tweeting. No wonder so many of us have such fond memories of grandparents. Ehren, Jon Alex and Jordan were trying to change school districts once they got a taste of Nana’s chicken spaghetti. All they were asking was for a double-wide near the fish pond and some live bait.

What does all that vacationing mean for you? Well, I had two posts planned to explain our next steps, and now you just get one. Maybe just a sentence or two:

Yes, this is the week we’re going back to limited spots on the yeah write grid, but instead of limiting the entries to 50, we’re closing it out at 75. Why, God, why, you ask? Two words: tra. ffic. 

75 blogs

I mean, you work hard every single week to write and edit your yeah write post, don’t you? Some of you now have writing partners and you’re running your posts by each other. Yeah write has altered your editorial schedule. You’re sweating it out wondering if you’re gonna finish in time. You should be rewarded for all that, and I noticed that the more excitement the grid generated during our superfecta challenge, the more visitors everybody got. And if I go back to closing it out at 50 blogs, the buzz may diminish, and who’s gonna do all that hard work for one extra reader? Yes, yes, intrinsic value and all that, but c’mon, guys: lots of new readers!


The grid is now closing at 75 blogs. If it makes you avid readers feel any better, we’ve never had more than 67, we may never ever hit 75. I promise you won’t be up until 3 am reading and forgetting to feed your family. If you accidentally skip one or two, I won’t tell anyone.

More votes

I will give you guys 10% of the grid as votes, promising at least five, no matter what. If we hit our usual 50, you get five votes. If half the world falls into the ocean and it’s not my half and we have only 20 people linking up, you’ll still get five votes. Sixty-five on the grid? You’ll get six. Seventy? Seven. Stasha and Julie crack me up each week with the additional vote campaigning. I hope this makes them happy. They, along with Jacqui, Alison, Jamie and Ado, helped me launch this thing, so I try to give them what they want.

More lurkers’ favorites

When we get to 60 blogs, I’ll have another lurking judge ready to choose a favorite, and don’t forget about Whitney who stepped in last week when we had more than 65. So depending on the number of total blogs on the grid, there could be up to six judges’ favorites, including comment karma. 

Superfecta challenge

Then there’s the continuing challenge for the blogger who wins editor’s choice, Flood’s lurker’s favorite, Q’s lurker’s favorite, the popular vote and comment karma in five consecutive weeks without taking a break in linking up. So that’s five judges’ awards in five straight weeks. That blogger will earn a complete blog makeover from our judging team. Keep linking up and $640 million dollars, oops, wait, I mean, a whole new blog design could be yours.

That’s a lot of changes, all for the better. If this is your first time here and/or your first time linking up, you’re good to go since nothing has changed for you. All I ask is that you bring us your best stuff and that your best stuff is not already linked to other linking adventures. Let’s get it started.

Yeah write #51 is open.