Paraphrasing @unvirtuousabbey from Twitter: for those of us recovering from last week’s spring break and for those of you enduring it this week, we pray.

If you’re into yeah write this week, we’re totally here for you. For those of you giving it second thoughts, I lost so much hair while my kids were home with me, I actually began daydreaming about the one-way two-hour commute to my old job. Sitting in four daily hours of Houston traffic actually started to seem preferable to entertaining three bored, antagonistic rugrats, so if you can’t be with us, we’ll totally understand. 

Try to fit us in, though. Yeah write #48 averaged 50 extra page views for each blog that linked last week and was a source of immeasurable support and feedback for the bloggers. If you have good stuff to share, your departmental meeting can wait, and your kids can find their own way in the kitchen. All your words are belong to us.

If this is your first time here, welcome! Please have a look around. If you’re a writer who blogs or a blogger who writes, this is the right place for you, so jump right in and link up with us. Tell us a good story, we’ll love you forever.

This is the next-to-last week for unlimited spots on the yeah write grid. Starting with yeah write #51, we’ll go back to closing out submissions at 50. We’ll still want your best stuff, not your rushed stuff, so please remember: reading, commenting and voting—perfectly legitimate ways to improve your writing and grow your community—are always in style at yeah write even if it’s not your week for linking.

Yeah write has given away four Elegant Themes WordPress templates in four weeks, and this will be the fifth week. Leave a comment on any yeah write #49 post before Friday letting me know you want to be entered into the drawing, and you’re entered into the drawing. It’s that simple.

Yeah write #49 is open.