Six weeks of yeah write, six weeks of prizes kicked off Tuesday, and the first winner will be announced at the end of this post. Skip to the end, and I will cut you. Just kidding. Go ahead and skip. Who am I to tell you how to read a blog post?


Four brand new virgins and two born again ones made for a pretty cool week. I love how you guys just kinda made your way around and introduced yourselves. One of you even won the popular vote, but no skipping ahead again—you’ll have to wait until the end this time. Hey, hey: eyes up here.

Editor’s choice

The irritated and exasperated looks on her illustrated boyfriend’s face cracked me up each time I read Mayor Gia’s post apologizing to her man for being a crazy person. Not being too hard on myself, but I’ve seen the boyfriend’s look on Q’s face a thousand times and, being fair to myself, I know he’s seen it on mine. Sometimes in life, in relationships, our insecurities get the best of us, and Mayor Gia captured that moment perfectly in her storytelling. Congrats, Gia, on the win. 

mayor gia

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Lurker’s favorite by my friend Flood

I love it when Flood and Q write up their own picks. That makes writing the winners’ post so much easier near midnight each Thursday during Ninjago marathons and Flavor Blaster Goldfish cracker binges. Yeah, so my toddler stays awake until I close my laptop each night, stop judging. Flood writes:

[frame_box]I’m choosing Louise Ducote’s entry at Raising Ivy about lifting your damn head up once in a while. Louise’s brief description of the homeless guy’s accent reminded me a little of Tobias Wolff’s Bullet In The Brain, which I love. The post also provides an example of how, when we learn of some universal truth in fiction, the message stays with us both as a warning and a guide at different times in our lives. Fiction can deliver the human experience in a way we can’t see as we’re living it. So meta, amirite?[/frame_box]

Congrats, Louise, on the win and on the top five finish on the grid this week.

Lurker’s favorite by my husband Q

Bucket Head at The Bearded Iris singing taco body taco body taco body as the brand new best lyrics ever to Funkytown gave his mother Iris the win. One: Q mis-hears colloquialisms ALL THE TIME. When we first met, he was using the phrase “being raped over the coals” until I corrected him while having a mild stroke that it’s “being raked over the coals”. So Bucket Head had Q’s sincerest empathy. Two: if you haven’t already, you must watch the video of Iris and Bucket Head included in the post, and watch it until the very end. The look on Iris’s face as her son finds himself in funky town once again is priceless. Congrats, Iris, on the win.

Popular vote winner

Yeah write virgin Kerry at HouseTalkN won the popular vote with her embarrassing post about gettin’ nekkid in the hot tub at her neighborhood Y. Okay, the post was actually about the love she has for her man because he seems to be a lovingly quick-thinker who doesn’t ask unnecessary questions, but it’s kinda hard to pass over the nekkid in the hot tub part. Kerry, your husband sounds like a good guy. Congrats on the win your first time linking up.

Comment karma

Much like last week, this week’s karma goes to a comment stream. Annie at Letters to Mo wrote a testament to her mother’s nerves of steel, and I loved the yeah writers’ comments. I felt like I was in the room with all the cool kids who all had all the cool moms. I typed my geeky comment and left everyone to their packs of Kools and cold beer. Grab your badges, everybody, and tell Pinky Tuscadero I said hello.

Random drawing winner

For this and the next five weeks, I’ll choose a random winner from those of you who leave a comment asking to be entered for a new WordPress theme. This post is not sponsored by Elegant Themes, and each prize offered here on yeah write or when it was lovelinks has either been freely donated by its owner, will be freely donated by its owner or has been paid for from my household budget. I guess I have to say that for some official reason, so there’s full disclosure. Lemme also say: the prize this week is a .zip file of the theme and the winner is responsible for its installation and related costs. You will be on your own at two in the morning trying to move your sidebar six squidgets to the left, but it’ll be awesome once you finally figure it out, trust me.

And the winner according to is: Meg from Pressure Cooker! Congrats, Meg. Please visit Elegant Themes, choose your theme wisely, then email me your choice. Yay!


The thumbnails are now sorted in the grid from most yellow star votes to the least. In the case of a tie, like if four blogs all got seven votes each, the thumbnails are additionally sorted by page views. Do not be discouraged if your blog has landed near the bottom of the grid; it is always a tight race. The fun lies in getting better exposure for your blog and in the spirit of competition as incentive to improve your writing and blogging skills. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Thanks again, everybody, for linking up, for reading, for voting. And for making yeah write the most welcoming spot on the Interwebs for writers who blog and bloggers who write.

Yeah write #46 opens Tuesday. Moar prizes, each better than the last.