The next six weeks will be pretty exciting here at yeah write.

Today is yeah write #45 which feels far more exciting than yeah write #43 or #44, and soon enough, we’ll be opening yeah write #50.

Somewhere during yeah write #47 will be my 44th birthday (yes, I still feel 30, mainly because I’ve been walking around in a daze for 14 years) and the week of #50, my toddler will turn three.

This all totally calls for prizes.

Over the next six weeks, I’ll give away six premium WordPress themes from Elegant Themes, and I’ll talk Q into gifting someone a new header. Alexis, my Blogging Bash partner, would love to give your blog a comprehensive review: design, content, SEO. Here’s one we did last month for Deborah at MannaHatta Mamma. Perhaps Flood will pull something from her amazing portfolio just for you. Dunno. I haven’t actually discussed this with her, but it’s an idea so wonderful, it just might work.


Until I work my magic with them, let’s start with me. Whether you link up with yeah write today or not, if you leave me a comment asking to be added to the random drawing for a new theme, you”ll be added to the random drawing for a new theme. Once you win if you win, simply browse the Elegant Themes site and choose your favorite, and I’ll send it to you as a .zip file for you to install on your WordPress blog.

[info_box_icon]Hey, Erica, what if I’m not on WordPress?[/info_box_icon]

[info_box]Elegant Themes has a few tumblr themes, and if you’re on Blogger with plans to switch to WP, you can enter and, if you win, hold onto the theme until then.[/info_box]

[info_box_icon]What if I’m never leaving Blogger?[/info_box_icon]

[info_box]The upcoming drawing for the designed-by-Q header will include bloggers on most platforms, so sit tight. Also, if you have blogging friends on WP or who are moving to WP, you can always send them this way for them to enter the drawing. Whether linked up today or not, whoever leaves a comment asking to be included in the drawing will be included.[/info_box]

[info_box_icon]What if I’m perfectly happy with my header and my blog design, so I don’t need any of these prizes? [/info_box_icon]

[info_box]You know you know someone whose blog could use a little love. Please share this post with them. There are six weeks to enter, six chances to win.[/info_box]

Over the weekend, I posted a yeah write Q & A. I may do that from time to time because I know you have nagging questions and I have awesome answers. This past weekend it was when to link up with yeah write and when to give it a second thought. Please take the time to read it if you haven’t already. Soooooo helpful. Next weekend, I think I’ll tackle the effect your chosen thumbnail on the grid has on the number of page views you get each week. Here’s a hint: thumbnails with faces get the most clicks. Which ones get the least? Logos.

Don’t forget: if you want in on the random drawing for a new WordPress theme, leave me a comment whether or not you’re linking up today.

Yeah write #45 is open.