Submission Guidelines & FAQ

Thanks for your interest in our little corner of the internet. We’re glad you’re here. Everything you need to know to participate in YeahWrite is listed below.

Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines
  • All entries should include the appropriate badge with backlink.
  • All word counts are hard limits and include intros, footnotes, word count notes, your personal copyright notice, etc.
  • Word counts do not include post titles and photo attributions.
  • Correctly hyphenated words count as one word (willy-nilly, seven-year-old).
  • One entry per writer per challenge.
  • Posts should be written for and submitted only to YeahWrite. Inspiration may be taken from other sites (for example, WordPress’ Daily Prompt).
  • No commercial or sponsored posts, please (i.e., any post intended to sell something or for which you are compensated).

Please note:

  • Our editorial standards respect the diversity and dignity of our audience. YeahWrite does not accept posts that insult or demean any person based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits.
  • YeahWrite does not accept and will promptly remove upon notification posts that infringe upon the copyright of other authors.
Nonfiction Challenge
  • Anecdotes, mostly true stories, personal or persuasive essays.
  • No listicles, etc.; works should have a “so what.”
  • Word limit: 750 words.
  • Submissions open on Monday at 12:01 am and close on Wednesday at 10:00 pm.
Fiction|Poetry Challenge
  • Self-contained short stories and poetry.
  • Word limit: 750 words.
  • Fiction:
    • Two mandatory prompts are given each week in the kickoff post on Sunday
    • One prompt is chosen by editors, the other is chosen by a previous challenge winner
    • Editors reserve the right to modify challenge winner prompts
    • See each week’s kickoff for specific prompt rules
    • Serial works are permissible but each “chapter” must stand alone without requiring other knowledge.
  • Poetry:
    • Poetry must incorporate one the three possible prompts:
      • Editor fiction prompt
      • Challenge winner fiction prompt
      • That month’s “poetry slam” form
    • Poetry slam forms are given in a special post on the first day of each month; look at the kickoff post for a link, or in the writing help section.
  • Submissions open on Monday at 12:01 am and close on Wednesday at 10:00 pm.
Weekend Writing Showcase
  • All genres welcome.
  • No word limits.
  • No posting date requirements.
  • All entries should include the appropriate badge with backlink.
  • No commercial or sponsored posts, please (i.e., any post intended to sell something or for which you are compensated).
  • Submissions open on Friday at 6:00 pm and close on Sunday at 11:55 pm.
Monthly Microprose Challenge
  • Very short works of fiction or nonfiction: prose, not poetry.
  • Word limit: varies.
  • Prompt is mandatory.
  • Prompt and word count announced on the first Wednesday of the month.
  • Submissions open on Wednesday 12:01 am and close on Wednesday 10:00 pm.
Super Challenge
The YeahWrite Super Challenge has its own set of rules and guidelines. Please visit the Super Challenge page to learn more.
How to Enter a Weekly Writing Challenge


  1. Post your work of creative nonfiction, fiction, or poetry to your blog or webpage.
  2. Make sure to include the yeah write graphic – or “badge” – for the current week in the body of your post.
  3. Visit the current week’s kickoff post to find the Nonfiction or Fiction|Poetry grids.
  4. Follow the instructions to post your link to the challenge grid. (Need a hand? Check this out.)
  5. Read and comment on your fellow writers’ submissions!

YeahWrite editors read all submissions to make sure they meet the requirements for date, word count, badge, etc. Entries that fail to meet these standards will be removed from the competition.




What’s the difference between the Weekly Writing Challenges and the YeahWrite Super Challenge?

YeahWrite offers two Weekly Writing Challenges: Nonfiction for personal essays and mostly-true stories, and Fiction|Poetry for works of short fiction and poetry. We provide optional prompts, and the community reads, comments, and votes on their favorite submissions for the week. On Fridays, we announce the winners of the popular vote for each challenge as well as any editors’ picks. Participation is free and open to all. We also offer a monthly free Microprose challenge.

The YeahWrite Super Challenge is a prompted writing contest in three rounds where writers compete to complete the best work of short fiction or nonfiction in a single weekend. All competing writers receive feedback on their work from the judges at the end of each round. The final writers compete for cash prizes for first, second and third place. There is an entry fee for the Super Challenge.

Do I need a blog to participate?
Yes and no.



You do need a blog to participate in our Weekly Writing Challenges. Fortunately, there are a number of free blogging platforms available to you; WordPress and Blogger are two of the most popular.

You do not need a blog to participate in the YeahWrite Super Challenge. Super Challenge submissions are emailed directly to our Super Challenge admin team.

How do I install a badge?

The week’s badges are posted in the sidebar. Underneath each badge is a bit of code. Copy that code and paste it into the HTML or text view of your blog post. This will provide the current graphic and backlink necessary to submit your post to the grid. Note: if you do not include the badge and backlink in your post, your submission will be held in moderation and will not appear on the grid. Struggling? Try this link for more complete instructions.


What's a grid?

The grid is the collection of YeahWrite submissions like yours that we gather together in our challenge opening posts and on the voting post on Thursdays. Readers leave encouragement and constructive criticism on the submissions and vote for their favorites based on the quality of the writing.


How do I post to a grid?

The current grid appears in each kickoff post (Nonfiction, Fiction|Poetry, Microprose, and Weekend Writing Showcase). To post to the grid, click the blue “Add your link” button. You will be asked to fill in your blog post URL – permalink only, please, not your main blog URL – and email address. Please see the InLinkz step-by-step instructions if you need more help, or email us at


What is the Weekly Writing Challenge submissions schedule?

The weekly schedule is as follows. All times are U.S. eastern time.



  • Sunday 12:01 am: weekly Kickoff post announces prompts and other news;
  • Monday 12:01 am: Nonfiction and Fiction|Poetry grids open;
  • Wednesday 12:01 am (first Wednesday of the month only): microprose prompt is announced and microprose grid opens;
  • Wednesday 10:00 pm: submissions are closed; voting opens;
  • Thursday 10:00 pm: voting closes;
  • Friday 12:00 pm: popular vote winners and editors’ picks are announced;
  • Friday 6:00 pm: Weekend Writing Showcase opens;
  • Sunday 11:55 pm: Weekend Writing Showcase closes.
Can I submit a post from my archives? I wrote a post about a year ago that would be perfect.
Yes, but only to the Weekend Writing Showcase. Nonfiction and Fiction|Poetry Challenge submissions should be posted on or after Sunday’s Kickoff post.



If I submit a post to YeahWrite, can I submit it for publication elsewhere?
Many publishers – online and print – consider blog posts to be “published.” Check the submission guidelines for your favorite publications to learn whether they accept previously published material. Some do; some do not. Consider this carefully before pushing the submit button!



Why didn’t my essay/poem/story do well in the vote? How do I get an Editors’ Pick?

It’s hard to say why any individual piece does or does not gather votes. Our writers and readers come from diverse backgrounds from all over the world; what appeals to one reader might not appeal to another. That being said, we ask our readers to vote on the quality of the writing, not just on what tugs at the heartstrings. Take a few minutes to re-read the winning posts each week as well as the editors’ comments, and don’t forget to pay attention to Rowan’s Roundup in the weekly winners’ posts!

Here are a few things our editors look for when awarding Editors’ Picks:

  • Essays that are personal, relatable, and convey a clear “so what.”
  • Stories that have a solid plot, well-developed characters, and a strong voice.
  • Poems that are structurally sound within the rules of the form chosen; that is, a sonnet should follow the form of a sonnet and not have errors in rhyme and scansion.
  • Writing that is error-free in terms of grammar and spelling.
How can I meet other YeahWriters?
YeahWrite is, first and foremost, a community. We invite you to get to know other YeahWriters by reading and commenting on their submissions. You can also join the YeahWrite Coffeehouse – a closed Facebook group for YeahWriters and friends.



How can I support YeahWrite?
YeahWrite accepts donations on PayPal or by mail. You can also become a YeahWrite Member, which comes with its own perks! Your generous contributions, membership fees, and Super Challenge submission fees go directly to prizes and website management costs. Your support helps us keep the lights on.



Will you review my piece?

We would love to take a look at your work and help you achieve your goals as a writer. We offer a variety of packages tailored to your needs and budget.


I read all this stuff and I still have questions.

Email us at or ping us in the Coffeehouse, and we’ll get back to you right away.