Day 26 NaBloPoMo at yeah write guest blogger: Shree Jacob

Seven hundred years ago, she was left a widow with three young children. At a time when life was hard her loss made it just that much harder. She swallowed her fear and reached out for help. It surprised her that it came in the form of nourishment and other necessities for her family. However, the guilt she felt showed on her face and in her demeanour. Funny thing, she had nothing to feel guilty about.

She also used her gift of making tasty jams, taking them to the market to sell. She set up her little stall and waited. However, she silently worried and fretted, sitting at her stall. She was afraid that she wouldn’t be successful and destine her family to poverty. Funny thing, she really had nothing to fear. You see, in the life “before,” her jams were the talk of the village.

The funny thing is, her thoughts and fears – of being a burden to others, of her endeavours not being “good enough,” though silent made themselves known. She didn’t know it, no one really knew why but you see, like an invisible ripple it spread out and enclosed her. It would have been fine if that was it, but you see, it grew tentacle like projections and touched others too.

She didn’t know why but the help she needed which came so easily to her suddenly dried up like the well in the village square at the height of summer. She didn’t know why but her wonderful fresh and sweet jams only sold enough to allow them to survive.

No she didn’t know why.

What happened to her and her children, I don’t know. I would like to think she met a kind and loving man who took her and the children in. I would like to think they survived and she died of old age. I wonder if she ever kept wondering why.


The funny thing is, I know why.

I know now that when we ask for help and it graces us with its Divine presence to receive it gratefully. I know now that the Universe is infinitely abundant and if someone willingly extends a helping hand, then I should receive it without guilt. If there is nothing to fear but fear itself, then there is nothing to be guilty about when we ask with a sincere heart.  

I also know now that as I create and present my work of images and words, as long as it’s something that brings me joy, something that I enjoy then there should only be love put into it. There is no place for fear, for it wraps its energies around and attracts that born out of fear—lack of enthusiasm and receptivity towards it, negative criticism, envy. Love, on the other hand, infuses each project with joy, excitement and anticipation attracting only, that which is born from love—abundance, joy, a willingness to expand, constructive suggestions.

I know now what I didn’t know then and the wonderful thing is I have the opportunity to realize this and live my Life with this knowledge Now. 

Original piece using coloured pencils


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