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Titles and headers are one area where you can be creative with your font styles and colors, but you still need to practice some educated restraint. A good rule of thumb for headers is choose a font that is bold, easy to read and has a color that either matches your body text or a darker key color in your theme. Your header text should be similar in style to your body text, but it doesn’t have to be the exact same font.

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For headers, I would avoid script or grunge fonts because they are typically hard to read, especially on a mobile device—for example, nearly fifty percent of Web traffic comes to yeah write from mobile browsers. Also, if your subheaders are set to all caps, look what can happen if you use an overly decorative font:

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Now, when it comes to body text, industry should be the order of the day, not creativity. Again, this is your content, and your content is precious. You need to deliver your writing in a way that is easy for your readers to consume. Funky fonts, color combinations and varying sizes are a distraction and are tell-tale signs of an amateur blogger.

One last word on font design: if your blog is text-heavy, avoid using a light-colored text over a dark background. Here’s a well-researched article on the debate. If your focus is on graphics, a dark background highlights your content. If it’s text, words, your story, a light background is better.

All of the fonts referenced in this post can be found at Google Web Fonts. The more fonts loaded on your blog, the slower your pages will load, by the way. If you’ve noticed your blog has been slow lately, check your header.php for unnecessary fonts you’re not using. Not sure what a header.php is or if you have one? Blog design for advancing bloggers, coming up on Wednesday, is for you.

Coming up on Tuesday: Creative and legal use of Web images for your blog

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all your story are belong to you


  • Read the summer FAQ page for other details: the grid is being moderated and if you’re missing an element outlined in the summer FAQ, your post will not be published on the grid
  • Let the prompt lead you, but do not include the prompt in any way in your post, not at the beginning as an intro, not at the end as a footnote. If you reference the prompt in your post, your post will not be published on the grid
  • Remember: no more than 500 words. If your post exceeds 500 words, yup, you guessed it—no publish for you
  • If the prompt takes you from thunderstorms to watching TV at your grandma’s house to how much you love Pat Sajak to the oldest person you’ve ever kissed, we want that story the furthest away in your imagination from the original prompt. Let your imagination loose
  • Keep your writing style! Do you tell stories with humor? Prose? Verse? Photos? Illustrations? Keep doing that. We’ll read Shakespearean drama on our own time
  • Cut away at everything unnecessary to your story
  • Not ready to add your entry today? Still perfecting and reading other posts? No problem: you’ve got until Thursday at noon EDT [-4GMT]
  • Don’t forget to badge your post
  • Have fun!


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  • What music album would be used for a movie about your life?
  • Was your first kiss everything you wished or hoped it would be?
  • What is the most amount of money you have had at one time?



Yeah write #66 summer writer’s series grid is open…