I’m delighted to be Erica’s guest host here at the hangout grid this week. She invited me in and gave me the run of the place, so I’ve of course been peeking in medicine cabinets and peering into closets making myself at home.

Every summer, I get nostalgic about the growing-up summers I spent at my grandmother’s cottage, way up in Northern Michigan where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron.  White wooden rocking chairs lined her front porch, and I’d sit there for hours, my feet on the porch railing, looking at the deep blue of the lake water, sparkling out to the horizon.

Yeah write’s hangout grid reminds me of that front porch, where, over the course of a day, whichever relatives were visiting would wander out to the porch and conversations would ebb and flow, always liberally sprinkled with laughter.

So welcome to my front porch. Grab an iced tea, pull up a rocking chair, and remember what Henry James said: the two most beautiful words in the English language are “summer afternoon.”

The yeah write #64 hangout grid is now open.

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