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yeah write #171 weekly writing challenge is open for popular voting + more on story

It’s voting day on the supergrid! The grid’s at the bottom of this post, along with some super important information on voting guidelines. Read those over carefully before you campaign or vote for your favorites. On Tuesday, I talked about what story isn’t. Today we’re going to take a look at what story is. You […]

yeah write #171 weekly writing challenge: cross-genre voting

Have you checked out the lounge communities? The coffeehouse? The summer supergrid? The first week of the yeah write 2014 summer series started off with a bang last week. You all dove in with a fervor usually reserved for all-you-can-eat ice cream buffets. For anyone that missed the memo and is just now joining us, feel […]

yeah write #171 weekly writing challenge: the 2014 summer supergrid is open for microfiction, essays and short fiction

The 2014 yeah write summer series continues! Check out Christine’s weekly kickoff post to find everything you need to know about the guidelines, format, and lounges for our third summer series. You’ll find the grid and posting guidelines at the bottom of this post. Don’t forget to drop by the yeah write coffeehouse and introduce yourself. I […]

yeah write #171 weekly writing challenge: week 2 of the 2014 summer series!

Summer series week 1 was a rousing success! At least, we were pretty pleased with it. And judging by the number of participants — 39 people on the summer supergrid and 55 in the bronze lounge, plus the silver and gold registrants – our writers were excited for a new kind of challenge. Did you miss […]

yeah write #171 weekly writing challenge kickoff: summer series week 2, supergrid winners, writing topic teasers

You guys, I am in love with all of you right now. Not only did you dive right into the summer supergrid, the quality of the feedback folks are giving in the bronze lounge is blowing my mind. You are making this editor the happiest girl on the block. Summer grid week 1 winners! Thirty-nine […]