The weekend writing showcase is open!

Happy Friday, everyone! The holidays are getting closer each and every day, and I have yet to even pull down my decorations from the attic. Scrooge much, you say? I’m not sure, but I just can’t seem to get into the holiday spirit this year. You know what might help? Your stories. You know the drill. Grab your favorite beverage, and bring me your best writing this weekend. 

You got rules, right?

What?! It’s the weekend. There are no rules during the weekend. You can share a post that’s as many words as you like, a piece of fiction, a poem about your favorite Christmas carol, or a persuasive essay on colored lights vs. white lights (white, always white). Whatever you want, you can share. Well, except commercial or sponsored posts. That’s the one rule that never changes.

While you’re hanging out with us, please remember to visit other posts on the grid, comment, and take part in the community here! That’s what makes yeah write the place to be.

This is the badge you need

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Under the badge is a few lines of code. See that? Copy it and then paste it into the “text” or HTML view of your post editor. If you don’t copy it exactly, you will get an error message from the Inlinkz app. If you get confused or your browser is uncooperative, visit the Inlinkz step-by-step instructions here. If all else fails, contact Inlinkz customer support.

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