It’s the weekend, so the moonshine grid is open

Sometimes we just need to decompress for the weekend. After a week of scrambling, of putting our best foot forward, of showing up, of getting all the things done, of striving, of competition, we deserve a break. Blogging is not just about becoming a better writer, but also about sharing and forming connections with people. That’s what this old still is for–to gather together and share, just for fun.

Rules at the still

That’s what’s so relaxing about hanging out at the moonshine: there are no rules here. You can link up any post you fancy. Do you have a post from last year that didn’t get enough comment love the first time around? Maybe a short story you’ve been reworking that may not be ready for the fiction grid? How about an essay that may be too long for the challenge grid? The moonshine is the perfect place for those kinds of posts. The only rule we abide by here is no commercial or sponsored posts, so you pretty much get the run of the place.

This is the badge you are looking for

Over in the left sidebar is a list of yeah write badges containing the codes you need to satisfy the backlink requirement (also called a permalink) of the Inlinkz app. The badge for the moonshine looks like this:


Under the badge is a few lines of code. Copy that exactly then paste it into the “text” or HTML view of your post editor. If you don’t copy it exactly, you will get an error message from the Inlinkz app. If you get confused or your browser is uncooperative, visit the Inlinkz step-by-step instructions here. If all else fails, contact Inlinkz customer support.

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