No invitational grid this week

We had a low-entry grid this week, so we won’t be awarding a jury prize. Because of the number of entries, the crowd favorite and the top row five should be plenty, right?

Not right!

Whenever it’s a low-entry week on the challenge grid and, now, at the speakeasy, there must be a reason. This week may have been because of winter break or the unfortunate two hours the servers were down at yeah write’s hosting company Tuesday night.

Whatever. Who cares. Low-entry week means prize week, and everyone who was on either grid by closing time Wednesday night is eligible for the prize awarded through a random drawing. It’s our way of thanking those who made it to the grid for powering through the obstacles. Winner announced in Friday’s winners’ post.

Challenge grid voting

The challenge grid crowd favorite and top row five winners will be determined by popular vote.

Everybody gets five votes

Depending on your browser, there will be a yellow star above or below each thumbnail. Click on the thumbnail to read the post before voting, click on the yellow star to vote for the post after reading.

Read the posts before voting

We are responsible voters here at yeah write. Read, evaluate, vote on merit. We’re still writing the yeah write way, and we want the votes to reflect it.

Voting is open until Thursday, 11:59 p.m. EST

[unordered_list style=”green-dot”]

  • After each yellow star click, the page will refresh, and you’ll have to make your way back down to the grid to click another yellow star, and so it will go five times.
  • If it’s after 11:59 p.m. EST [-5 GMT] on Thursday when you’re trying to vote, voting is closed. There will be no more yellow stars and voting will not work.
  • Once you’ve voted for your five favorite posts, you’re done voting and the yellow stars will disappear.
  • Sometimes the voting program can be glitchy. If you’re voting, but the stars don’t disappear, don’t worry: your votes are registering. 
  • You can vote only once per IP address.
  • Voting for your own post should be disabled.
  • Once you’ve voted for the five best on the grid, you are then free to campaign for votes for your favorite entries.
  • When you ask your people to vote for your entry, please let them know they have five votes, and they should vote for yours only if it’s one of those five best on the grid.
  • Yeah write is a writing challenge, not a clicking contest. Please don’t make Erica M validate each vote as legitimate, but if she has to, she will.
  • Don’t make Erica M’s kids have cold cereal for dinner because she’s ignoring them while tracking people driving from hot spot to hot spot to vote nine different times. So uncool, no matter how much her kids like cold cereal.


Winners’ post published Friday by noon EST

Once the voting ends, the challenge grid will sort itself from highest number of votes to the fewest. Ties are broken by number of page views. Until the winners’ post is published, none of the sorting will be official, but you can still get a good idea of where everyone ended up until the votes are validated.

Yeah write #98 weekly writing challenge grid is open for voting…