New to yeah write? Thinking about trying a different challenge? Can’t wait for your grid’s opening post or don’t want to read back through the archives? We’ve collected all the rules for all the grids right here, in one easy post. Of course, you should still read the kickoff post for your challenge thoroughly, because we give you extra hints and tips for getting on the grids.

What happens if you ignore the rules? Well, our editors read all submissions to make sure they meet the basic requirements for date, word count, badge, etc. Entries that fail to meet these minimum standards will be removed from the grid.

Then the editors look for the best of the best: good writing, good ideas, and good execution. If we see something we especially like, we may give it a shout out in the winners’ post on Friday.

general guidelines

  • all entries must be posted no earlier than the date of the Sunday kickoff post for that challenge number.
  • all entries must include the appropriate badge with backlink
  • all word counts are hard limits and include intros, footnotes, word count notes, your personal copyright notice, etc.
  • correctly hyphenated words count as one word (willy-nilly, seven-year-old)
  • word counts do not include post titles and photo attributions
  • one entry per writer per challenge
  • no cross-postings to/from other challenges
  • no commercial or sponsored posts, please

nonfiction challenge

  • anecdotes, mostly true stories, personal or persuasive essays that give your perspective on the world and communicate a clear idea to the reader
  • word limit: 1,000 words
  • prompt is optional

fiction|poetry challenge

  • self-contained short stories and poetry
  • word limit: 750 words
  • prompt is optional
  • chapters or ongoing work can be submitted so long as each submission tells a complete story and does not require knowledge or understanding of the remainder of the work
  • poetry must be structurally sound within the rules of the form chosen; that is, a sonnet must follow the form of a sonnet and not have errors in rhyme and scansion.

moonshine weekend writing showcase

  • nonfiction, fiction, poetry, top ten lists, old posts, new posts, re-posts – anything goes
  • word limit: none
  • posting date requirement: none
  • all entries must include the appropriate badge and backlink
  • no commercial or sponsored posts, please

 please note

  • Our editorial standards respect the diversity and dignity of our audience. Yeah write does not accept posts which insult or demean any person based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits.
  • Yeah write does not accept and will promptly remove upon notification posts which infringe upon the copyright of other authors.