What trimming my bush taught me about writing

I have a giant rhododendron in front of my house. It has grown so high that the top leaves reach up to the second story. The back is touching the house and, when it’s windy, the branches scrape at the window making a creepy sound I’ve only otherwise heard in horror movies. It was time to prune it.

I cut a path so I could squeeze between the bush and the mailbox. I shimmied toward the back with my shears and chopped away until I could reach my arms inside and thin this thing out. It turns out, the branches all start in the middle, shoot up or out until it reaches sunshine, then grows leaves. Finding the start of each branch was they key to trimming the tentacles that topped out at double my height.

It seemed impossible, when I started, to trim those tallest limbs. But by digging in and finding where they started and clipping from there, I was able to take out some of the unnecessary bulk. And so it goes with editing. Sometimes you need to do a lot more trimming than you’d like. Sometimes you have to dig into the middle to find where the offshoots are coming from.

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How can I ever repay you?

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