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Courtenay Baker

Courtenay Baker

“I am an over-scheduled divorced working mom of four. My days are filled to bursting with work/kids/kids’ activities/teaching dance lessons/kids/maintaining the house/kids/ and sometimes writing either fiction or non-fiction (not necessarily about the kids). I have been paid to write occasionally, but most requests in my life are preceded with, ‘Mom, can you?'”

Courtenay blogs at Soup: Midwestern Mama Cooking up Life in the Heartland and tweets as @IASoupMama. You can also find her on Facebook here.

Asha Rajan

Asha Rajan

“I am of Indian descent, grew up in Western Australia, and now live in Texas.

When I’m not writing or arguing with the invisible, you’ll find me swimming, taking photographs, or wrangling children and animals.”

Asha blogs at Parenting in the Wildnerness (nonfiction) and FlAsha Tales (fiction). She’s also written for Modern Loss, PANK, and It Starts With Hope. You can also find her work here and here at Dead Housekeeping, where she’s a contributing editor.  Asha tweets as @AshaRajan69. You can also find her on Facebook here.

Jan Wilberg


“I’m a community planning consultant; most of my work focuses on homelessness, mental illness and other big troubles.

I never let a piece sit which also means I never really edit or revise even when I probably should. If it doesn’t feel right, I delete it. If it feels right, I send it. My essays in Newsweek and Modern Love NYT were both first draft last draft efforts sitting in the same lucky blue chair.”

Jan blogs at Red’s Wrap and tweets as @redswrap1. You can also find her on Facebook here.


Jen Brunett


“I’m a Jen of all trades. I blog both fiction and nonfiction pieces. I published a nonfiction book and am in the process of writing another one in the series. I’m a staff writer for a popular publication in Western, New York. I’m a Reiki healer and write and lead guided meditations. I’ve been known to spin some records as DJ Billy Jean, sell merch for my husbands band and help out with the whiskey company he created.”

Jen blogs at just Jen (nonfiction) and Simply Stories (fiction) and tweets as @Jenbrunett. You can also find her on FB here.

Cindy Knapper


“I’m a retired R.N., happily married since 1976 to the love of my life – Mike; the mother of three amazing adult children – Joe, Sarah and Stephanie; and the owner of my best friend and faithful companion, a toy poodle named Lucy.

I enjoy writing mostly in the genre of nonfiction, but also write poetry and fiction; and in my spare time I love to play the piano – and pickleball!”

Cindy blogs at A Slice of Life and tweets as @blainecindy. You can also find her on Facebook here.

Nancy Lowell


“I used to be a potter and owned, with two friends, a studio called Fireworks. I sold my work at a gallery on Madison Avenue.

I am afraid of the dark, I know there are monsters lurking.

My participation in yeah write since November has had the most positive impact on my writing. I am proud to belong to such an awesome community!”

Nancy blogs at The Chef’s Last Diet and tweets as @NancyLowell. You can also find her on Facebook here.

Donna-Louise Bishop


“I’m a mummy-of-two, living in rural north Norfolk (UK), working in the bloodthirsty world of journalism. My head feeds my reporter’s appetite but my heart rules my creative writing.

I love working on flash fiction, microstories and non-fiction projects. I am currently writing a novel (and have been for the past eight years – eek), trying to get it to a standard where I dare let it leave the house.

I also like cake. Lots and lots of cake.

Donna-Louise blogs at Newshound to Novelist and tweets as @NewsToNovel. You can also find her on Facebook here.

Hema Nataraju


“I used to be an HR professional in another life, but these days, I work full time for my 3-year old daughter and write stories on the side. I’m a word nerd who can speak seven languages. Apart from fiction, I also write about the books I’ve read, the places I’ve been to and the recipes I’ve tried.”

Hema blogs at Mixed Bag and tweets as @m_ixedbag.

Lisa Shaw


“I often have spinach in my teeth, a wedgie, and the F-bomb on the tip of my tongue, because who has time to be socially appropriate when you’re an interracial adoptive parent, secular homeschooler, and sugar-seeking maniac?  My essays can be found on Scary MommyLove What MattersSammiches and Psych Meds, and Blunt Moms.

Lisa blogs at Pryvate Parts, tweets at @pryvateparts and can be found on Facebook here.

Eilidh Thain

Thain in vain

“I’m Eilidh from Thain in Vain. I blog from the vast Canadian prairies. While I don’t live in the Paris of the prairies, I do live in the city Deadpool hails from. I co-habitat with two chihuahuas, Griffin and Snickers; Phoebe the evil Siamese cat; and my husband.

Between working full time and feeding myself, I try to write. I mostly enjoy writing flash and micro fiction. My stories tend to be quirky, humorous and sometimes a little scary. Publishing a flash fiction bathroom reader is on my goal-o-meter!”

Eilidh blogs at Thain in Vain and tweets as@thaininvain. You can also find her on Facebook here.

Kay Roof

Kay Roof

“From my tree house nestled in the coastal loblolly pines four blocks from the mighty Atlantic Ocean I control one husband and three misfit boxers. I attempt to control three un­ruly, hilarious, and beautiful adult daughters along with their collective five children. I begin too many sentences with “actually…” and “just one more thing…” Yes, I am a control freak trying to grow into a “que sera sera” wise­woman. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

I have been writing since the eighth grade. You’d think I’d be better at it by now. This is my motivation for joining yeah write, maybe I can learn to control my words better. Oh yeah! Control!”

Kay blogs at ijustmadethatup. You can also find her on Facebook here.


Ellen Behm

Ellen Behm

“I lived in Prague, Czech Republic for 5 years in the mid-1990s.

I thought I was a cat person, but after adopting 3 rescue dogs, turns out, I’m a dog person.”

Ellen blogs at Baby on a Raft and tweets as @ellenbehm.

Cindy Reed

Cindy Reed

“I am a writer, teacher, and speaker specializing in creative nonfiction. My passion is the science of storytelling — how humans are hard-wired to connect with each other through story. I try to write with humor and clarity about family life, progressive politics, and mental illness, but almost always end up writing about my underwear instead. I own the ‘Cindy’s underwear’ blogging niche.”

Cindy blogs at The Reedster Speaks and tweets as @reedster2. You can also find her on FB here.

Jess Vento

Jess Vento

“I love the Milwaukee Brewers, Craft Beer and Live Music. I’m addicted to social media and essential oils. I’m an Accountant who loves to write about non-accountant things.”

Jess blogs at Adventures in Sunshineland and tweets as @sunshinejess22. You can also find her on FB here.

Charlotte McMullen

Charlotte 200x200

“I live in Pennsylvania with my farmer husband and five children.

I’m a sex and relationship expert… just kidding. I’m a freelance writer who specializes in online content for the design-build industry. I spend most of my day suppressing sassy wit for a more “professional” tone. I drink a lot of coffee.”

Charlotte blogs at RuckusGirl and tweets as @RuckusGirlBlog. You can also find her on FB here.

Danielle Dayney


“I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, chauffeur, cook (part-time), birthday party planner and a fitness enthusiast (when I’m not eating cupcakes).  My heart is soft, but my skin is tough and I love to see my daughters smile – it’s the best thing in the world.

Through it all, through my life, I write.”

Danielle blogs at Danielle Dayney and tweets as @danielle_dayney. You can also find her on FB here.

Nancy Koziol


“I am the youngest of three children, none of whom share a single biological parent.  The older two are both nine years older than I am.  Yeah, scratching your head at that?  That’s pretty much the typical reaction to my storied and interesting life.  A life which I melt, meld, meander through and dream about twisting my shenanigans into fresh stories.  I am not an attorney but played one for 8 years.”

Nancy blogs at Just F*cking Write Already and tweets as @WriterNancy. You can also find her on FB here.

Sammy Mankus

“I am an Arizona native, which seems to be “rare” as I am told from the people who ask me. It does seem as though most who live here have hailed from elsewhere. I also have three amazing pets: my dog, my kitten, and my bearded dragon.”

Sammy blogs at The Hero’s Asylum.