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lovelinks #40 winners

For anyone else who may be a more meticulous housekeeper, lovelinks #40 might have been a bit of an overwhelm. I am happy to report that although my kitchen appears to be in the middle of a remodel (it’s not) and I haven’t spoken to my children since Monday, I managed to stay on top […]

lovelinks #40 is open for voting

We made it to 50!! Thanks, everybody, for linking up and for spreading the word about linking up. I completely misinterpreted the closing out at 50 blogs as also opening up the voting, and I was wrong, so wrong. Voting still opened at 9 p.m. US eastern standard time [-5 GMT]. I should really stay […]

lovelinks #40 is open: double prize week!

Two random drawings for you and you and you and you and you… It’s lovelinks #40 and I wasn’t gonna make a big deal out of it until I remembered that round numbers should be celebrated with random drawings. Random drawings for a comprehensive blog review and a Turntable Kitchen pairings box filled with original […]