Welcome to Who’s on Fourth, where one member of the yeah write community will interview another yeah writer, and the interview will publish the fourth Monday of each month. Sixth in the series features Arden R of Arden Ruth Writes interviewing Marcy of (Don’t Be) Too Timid and Squeamish.

yeah write on yeah write: Arden interviews Marcy

About two years ago, Marcy stumbled upon this wonderful little community we call yeah write. She can’t recall exactly how she got here but she linked up a random post and went with it. It wasn’t until last year or so though that she really felt like she joined the community and that’s the reason she keeps coming back. I think many of us can relate to that sentiment. Marcy gave some wonderful advice for any yeah write newbies that may be hesitant to take that first dive onto the grid:

Newbies should read the guidelines and invest some time in the community in order to get the most out of it. I first was guilty of the “link and run” when I shared a few posts to try to get some quick visits to my blog, but I learned so much from the other writers once I started carefully reading their posts and voting on them. I also endured a few “quick and dirty” edits from the editors. I know I need a thicker skin, but it’s tough to get criticism about personal writing; nevertheless, their advice improved the pieces, and I learned a lot.

Marcy particularly loves the challenge grid, as so many of us do, but lately she’s been having a little trouble. In the last few months, writer’s block moved in and settled down for the long haul. Lucky for her, the #Gargleblaster came to town around the same time and it has become her new favorite challenge.

I have never written poetry before, and even though I stick to non-fiction and punctuate them like prose, I still feel like this new type of writing is stretching me and helping me to grow. Plus, the inspiration comes built in, and I love seeing the different directions writers go in.

Marcy didn’t just start writing for fun one day. She used to be a newspaper reporter, and has enjoyed writing for as long as she can remember. However, it wasn’t until a couple years ago when she launched her blog that she began writing more personally. If you’re a reader of Marcy’s, you know that writing is far from all she does.

I play tennis socially, both women’s doubles in a few different groups and mixed doubles with my husband. That’s my main hobby from spring to fall; during the winter, I need to get out more.

Wait a second … Marcy, tennis is interesting, but let’s get down to the good stuff.