Yeah write weekly writing challenge is a collection of your very best posts. On the nonfiction grid, we accept personal essays and mostly true stories. These submissions are to be no longer than 1,000 words. Over at the fiction|poetry grid, we accept short fiction and poetry, up to 750 words.

You can add your own post as long as it meets our submission guidelines. If it doesn’t fit the guidelines, much like a literary magazine would, we will return it to you with a nice thank you note identifying the reason for return.

Yeah write weekly writing challenge has been around since April 2011 without missing a single week promoting and encouraging our writers and bloggers through social media. Our monthly visitor count hovers around 5,000; we’re working hard to increase that number. Our effect on participating bloggers is significant. When we reach 30 or more on the challenge grid, the popular vote winner can receive more than 200 views from a combination of direct links from yeah write and the post being shared by that week’s writers, readers, voters and lurkers. Submitting regularly can help build steady and loyal readerships for our bloggers, and we are proud to watch genuine friendships being formed right in front of us.

Yeah write is the perfect way to create buzz for smaller blogs, and we’re excited to highlight the wonderful writing discovered in obscure places.

Welcome to our growing community. We have new challenges opening every Monday (nonfiction) and Tuesday (fiction|poetry).

How do I get on the grid?

1. Look near the bottom of the opening post for this blue frog:

2. You will then be taken to the Inlinkz page where the grid and submissions are displayed. Beneath the array of thumbnails, look for this blue button:

3. Follow the steps once you click the blue button!

If you get confused or your browser is uncooperative, visit the Inlinkz step-by-step instructions here. If all else fails, email us and we’ll help you out.


even more of how it works because some people need extra help and we respect that

What is yeah write? Yeah write is a weekly collection of the very best posts from writers who blog and bloggers who write.

What types of submissions are acceptable?

  • Yeah write accepts permalinks to specific blog posts only; no general blog or web site links.
  • Yeah write accepts personal blog posts only; no commercial, giveaway, sponsored, review or otherwise promotional posts.
  • Yeah write only accepts submissions written specifically for each of our weekly challenges.
  • Do not add a permalink to any other blog event such as a link up, blog hop, “linky party” or similar event.

These are not “rules” written by The Man designed to keep you down. These are guidelines highly specific to yeah write and if they are not your style, we understand that. You cannot hurt our feelings by looking for a different blogging or writing community better suited for your awesomeness.

Your post should always meet the yeah write submission standards listed below:

  • Your post needs to have one clear idea, the angle, a central conflict, the reason for telling the story. You can’t simply list events or detail a conversation. You need a so what.
  • It needs a strong and inviting beginning. Never attempt to explain to your audience why you’re writing the post, just start writing it.
  • Show passion for your subject. Why is it so important? We need to feel it.
  • Write creatively without trite phrases and clichés. Even if there’s no such thing as an original story, it’s up to you to tell yours differently than anyone else.
  • Watch for how you’re shifting subjects within your post. Honor your audience with proper transitions instead of hopping from place to place, abruptly interrupting yourself with “but I digress”.  If you are digressing, refocus, then start over.
  • Write a strong ending supporting your original reason for sharing your story. Endings are tricky. Don’t just tack one on. Don’t ever negate your entire post by ending with “but that’s just my opinion.” Also: keep in mind your conclusion doesn’t necessarily have to wrap things up neatly for your protagonist or whatever/whomever was the focus of your post.
  • Does anything on your blog interfere with the readability of your post such as an overzealous application of freakish typefaces? As a writer, your content should be the focus of the space, free of distraction.

what yeah write is, what yeah write isn’t

This was something fun we wrote back when some homeless people were begging us to start selling propane and wool socks in Aisle 9 even though all we are is the best community on the web for writers who blog and bloggers who write. Lube jobs and computer repair are up the street.

Yeah write is:

  • when we are on our best behavior, a blog reader’s paradise. There are no commercial or gimmicky sponsored posts snuck onto the grid. The casual surfer can stumble over us, click a thumbnail and start reading what we know will be a pretty decent personal narrative, fiction piece or poem.
  • a surprisingly fun way to spend your week in good company while other, more dramatic, yet somehow less important, shiz is going down on the Internet.
  • experienced writers helping emerging writers helping beginning writers struggle with the decision of writing for a public audience. We do not abandon our beginning writers who speak up and don’t quit.
  • an open community where writers and bloggers can submit when they want and not submit when they don’t want. When you finally get bored with our shenanigans and unsubscribe, we heal our broken feelings with a new design element. True story. Typeface, graphic or WordPress template. Sometimes sushi.

Yeah write is not:

  • for everybody. And that’s okay. We all have personalities and working styles best taken in small doses, and ours come with a really long list of contraindications. Take our founding editor, especially, with food, hard liquor and big chunks of dark, cynical humor.
  • your writing partner. That being said, the yeah write coffeehouse is a great place to find a writing partner and/or group. Check it out today to find the support you need!
  • a replacement for a writer’s workshop or an instructor-led class. Sometimes, you just need to be in the same room with the person you’re trusting with your hard work.
  • your first drafts folder. Bring your best stuff doesn’t always mean bring it right now. It never means bring the best you happen to have on you, cohesive narrative be damned. Bring us your best stuff when you know it’s gonna be the best on the grid.

By now, you should be ready to write and join in. Please subscribe if you haven’t already.

who’s behind yeah write?

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