Greetings, Earthlings!

Can you believe it? We had 42 fabulous gargleblasters in about 14 hours this week! This particular editor had a really hard time narrowing down her votes, and from what I heard on the grapevine, I wasn’t the only one. In the end, only one vote separated first place from second, and one more separated second from third. However, there can be only one winner!

The winner’s badge for this week’s gargleblaster goes to Karen at Fat Girl in Boxing Gloves. Her micro-story, The Secret, hinted at dark deeds without actually spilling them. She reminds us that we can’t separate ourselves from our secrets – they become a part of us, even if others can’t see them.

We are defined by secrets. They shape us with their jagged fingers, tether us to the past with wisps of memory.

I was a “good girl”. A gold cross glimmered at my throat. They never suspected I was guilty. I never told.

Congratulations Karen! Grab your winner’s badge in the sidebar.

Taking the subtle route

This week’s question lent itself to a very straightforward interpretation, and many of you took that route. There’s nothing wrong with straightforward, of course, but this week the editors wanted to highlight another post that went a little further outside the box.

In her post Soup’s On, Kir approached the question obliquely, without reference to a crime, bloody or otherwise. She somehow turned the question into a story of a lover spurned, and we loved it.

I bet you wonder how I knew
(Oh dearie don’t you fret).
I have all the evidence chopped and cubed…
So I’ll add a pinch here,
a dollop there,
then I’ll stir the pot,
turn up the heat
and watch you stew.

Go get your Editor’s Pick badge, Kir! Incidentally, there were several of you who took this less obvious route. Karen was one; last week’s Editor’s Pick, Marcy, was another. Consider this a hint that we like to see you stretch the limits a little.


There’s no need to remind you that your post should be exactly 42 words. Remember, though, that your post should stand on its own. If you need to add a postscript or explanation, that takes away from the integrity of the piece. It won’t disqualify you, but it’s something to keep in mind.

About capping the entries at 42 posts: The gargleblaster grid fills up fast. We know this; it’s part of the design! We want you to be able to think on your feet and still give us your best work. Your safest bet is to subscribe to the yeah write e-mail blast – the prompt is announced in the Sunday kick-off post, a full day before the grid opens. That’s 24 hours for thinking and writing.

Miss the gargleblaster? Try some moonshine

We know you won’t all make the grid every week, but don’t panic! The moonshine grid opens on Friday and we’d love to see you there.

The editors swarm the grids

Maybe it was one too many gargleblasters at our birthday party, but somebody thought it would be a good idea for the editors to share our “yeah write origin stories” with all of you as part of the celebration. You’ll find them sprinkled throughout the challenge grid and the speakeasy. If you ever wanted to know what brought us to this crazy, wonderful place, now’s your chance to find out.The editors’ posts are off-limits for voting at the speakeasy as they aren’t fiction and don’t address the prompt, but if you love what you read, they’re eligible for your votes at the challenge grid.

The final grid

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