Welcome to the fiction and poetry challenge at yeah write

I don’t get a lot of ideas for stories or poems. They don’t come bolting out of the blue like divine inspiration. Most of my ideas are cultivated. They come from “what if?” moments that I nurture from notes jotted down in notebooks, on my phone, or into my microphone if I’m driving and can’t stop to type. Sometimes I’m reading a book, and an event from the book spins off in my head, prompting an entirely new scenario with fresh characters and a different world.

So most of my ideas spring from questions. At yeah write this week, we’re asking you:

Is this your first time?

This optional prompt is to serve as your inspiration for your fiction or poetry: is this your first time? You may use this phrase in your story or poem, or you may just answer the question. We want to see you get creative, so use the prompt in an original way that will be sure to wow everyone. Already have your own story thought up? No problem! The prompt is only there if you need it.

Fall writing contest starts November 2

One of the ways we’re celebrating the revamped yeah write is through our November writing contest, so start flexing those creative muscles. We have cash and prizes for the best on the grid, as well as a prize for the person who refers the winner to us. Make sure you spread the word!

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The fiction|poetry challenge is open for submissions!