a blogger’s guide to writing a yeah write post

There is a genre of fiction called flash fiction or microfiction that challenges its writers to complete a story arc within 1,000 words or so. Your yeah write entries should be similar to microfiction: sharing a personal anecdote within 500-600 words that is more than a listing of events that happened one day, more than a journal entry for your own benefit. Your entry should have a beginning, middle and end.

When we are reading your posts, once as a reader, the second time as a writer, then a third time as a mechanic, we are looking for your “so what”: What’s the point of the story? Where’s the buildup? What’s grabbing the reader’s attention? Why should we care? 

Yes, your baby is growing up before your eyes. So what? 

Yes, you hate your neighbor’s dog. So what?

You’re not sure if you’re a writer who blogs or a blogger who writes. So what?

Before you badge your post and submit your entry to the yeah write weekly writing challenge grid, you need to answer your own so what? 

Writing for the yeah write bloggers, readers, voters and editors

The challenge grid is open to a popular vote, resulting in one crowd favorite and the top row five awards; the invitational grid will be voted on by the yeah write editors who will award the weekly jury prize. Either way, your post should always meet the yeah write submission standards listed below:

  • Instinctively, each yeah write editor is using this spreadsheet to select submissions from the challenge grid to the invitational grid. Feel free to review it or download it if it will help focus your writing before you start.
  • Your post needs to have one clear idea, the angle, a central conflict, the reason for telling the story. You can’t simply list events or detail a conversation. Yup, here we are again: you need a so what.
  • It needs a strong and inviting beginning. Never attempt to explain to your audience why you’re writing the post, just start writing it. 
  • Show passion for your subject. Why is it so important? We need to feel it.
  • Write creatively without trite phrases and clichés. Even if there’s no such thing as an original story, it’s up to you to tell yours differently than anyone else.
  • Watch for how you’re shifting subjects within your post. Honor your audience with proper transitions instead of hopping from place to place, abruptly interrupting yourself with “but I digress”.  If you are digressing, refocus, then start over.
  • Write a strong ending supporting your original reason for sharing your story. Endings are tricky. Don’t just tack one on. Don’t ever negate your entire post by ending with “but that’s just my opinion”. Also: keep in mind your conclusion doesn’t necessarily have to wrap things up neatly for your protagonist or whatever/whomever was the focus of your post.
  • Does anything on your blog interfere with the readability of your post such as an overzealous application of freakish typefaces? As a writer, your content should be the focus of the space, free of distraction.

How to get your submission selected from the yeah write challenge grid for the yeah write invitational grid

Selected from the challenge grid entries and from random, good posts found on the Interwebs, the invitational grid consisted of the week’s editor picks. The challenge grid remains as it’s ever been: a collection of your very best stuff of the week. The invitational grid will be the best of the best. Each yeah write editor will browse the challenge grid for posts to move to the invitational grid. At the end of each week, they will choose the jury prize winner. The challenge grid will award the crowd favorite by popular vote.

Wanna get selected for the invitational grid?

Yeah write virgins!

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Yeah write is not for everybody

We acknowledge there are similar sites out there that will let you be you without fear of criticism or subjecting your 3,000-word blog post to a popular vote. At yeah write, we are committed to teaching our writers the art of transforming their blogs into a valued collection of personal essays. If you stick around and get to know us, you’ll find the blogging tribe you’ve been searching for and, perhaps, become a better writer as you go along.

It’s always been our way of saying thanks for writing, for reading, for hanging out with us by sharing your challenge grid, speakeasy,  weekend moonshine, and new gargleblaster micro-fiction/micro-blog posts through other social media outlets.

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  • The weekly yeah write reach is nothing to sneeze at. Bring the best on the grid, and somebody is gonna visit your space and chat with you for a while. The crowd favorite over a three-day period could receive about 800 unique visitors.

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