What is yeah write?

Yeah write is a weekly collection of the very best posts from writers who blog and bloggers who write.

When does yeah write open each week?

The nonfiction challenge opens 12:01 am U.S. eastern daylight time [-4 GMT] every Monday, and the fiction|poetry challenge at the same time on Tuesday.

How will I know when yeah write is open?

Click this link to be added to the yeah write email blast, and you’ll be one of the first to know if anything new is happening. Otherwise, it’s always open as indicated above.

What types of submissions are acceptable?

In general:

  • Yeah write accepts permalinks to specific blog posts only; no general blog or web site links.
  • Yeah write accepts personal blog posts only; no commercial, giveaway, sponsored, review or otherwise promotional posts.
  • Yeah write only accepts submissions written specifically for each of our weekly challenges
  • Do not add a permalink to any other blog event such as a link up, blog hop, “linky party” or similar event.

Read our submission guidelines carefully for the specific rules for each challenge.

Can I submit a post from my archives? I wrote a post about a year ago that would be perfect.

Yeah write accepts submissions written specifically for each weekly challenge. Your post cannot be dated any earlier than the Sunday before a grid opens. That Sunday is usually when the badges are published.

If you really want to add something old, consider posting it to the weekend moonshine grid.

What’s a grid?

The yeah write grid is a collection of  bloggers each week who gather from Monday to Thursday to read a maximum of 50 blogs on the grid and comment on the ones they like.  There’s a vote—not a clicking contest; we read then vote responsibly. Done right, it’s a wonderful way to find your blogging tribe.

Read 50 blogs in two days? No way.

Way. That’s why it’s called a challenge.

Can I enter more than one post?

You can submit one post to the nonfiction grid and one to the fiction|poetry grid. But you cannot submit more than one post to any one grid, even if the posts are from separate blogs.

More details, please.

You can read more in our submission guidelines and on this page explaining what yeah write is and what it isn’t. If yeah write feels like a good fit for your personality and your writing style, we’d love for you to subscribe and hang around with us.


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