Shiny and new badges for you

Badges are ready which means today is the earliest your yeah write #99 weekly writing challenge grid posts can be dated.

Challenge v. speakeasy

The grids open Tuesday, and the challenge grid is hungry for your personal essays and traditional blog anecdotes. We want your everyday moments and stories told well and fully and honestly. Submit your fiction and poetry over at the speakeasy—it’s a cozy spot for taking risks and flexing your creative muscles. Fiction not your thing? Not a problem, but stop by to admire other people’s efforts.  They’ll appreciate it —and you’ll get good reading in. If you just wanna hang out,  don’t forget our weekend moonshine grid is still open—sometimes it’s just what you need to feel warm and fuzzy.

Open submissions

It’s true! Open submissions have permanently returned to yeah write. No more queueing up to get on the grid, but all submission guidelines and FAQ still apply. We skipped sharing week in kindergarten. So please don’t share your “written just for yeah write” posts with other blog events. A thousand thanks. Your post’s subject matter is up to you as long as it has a tightly written introduction, a clearly defined story line, and doesn’t try to sell us something or bore us to death. Find the funny or unusual or poignant in the mundane. Writing well about everyday life is the trial and beauty of the challenge grid.

Before you start your winning submission

Reading well-written sentences is the best way to improve your own creative process—and its results. Spare time and effort by not reading blogs that aren’t written by those who are well-read, and try the best you can to worship at the Less is More altar. And it bears repeating:  We love great stories, we love emotion, we love to laugh, we love to be surprised. It hurts our feelings when a rush to publish leaves a trail of misspellings, comma splices, and too many ifs, ands, or buts. Before you submit an entry to yeah write, read your post once in your head and once aloud. Bring us your best stuff; don’t settle for less. 

Spread the good word of yeah write

We know the month of March brings with it springtime and spring breaks, but that’s never an excuse to stop writing. Last week, we rewarded those who took time out from their busy schedules with a random drawing for a $15 Amazon gift card. We’re gonna keep chugging toward the goal of hitting the maximum of 50 bloggers on the challenge grid, and we need your help. The week we hit 50, if you’ve recruited a yeah write virgin to the challenge grid, you’ll be eligible to receive the 12-month, $10 a month supporting subscription donated by one of our yeah write editors. The $120-level donation contains, each item upon your request:

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • a wet and sloppy kiss on the mouth from your yeah write editor of choice
  • a text link in selected weekly sponsor highlight posts
  • a custom editorial on one selected yeah write challenge grid entry (worth $40 USD)
  • a quick and dirty evaluation of 12 planned submissions to the challenge grid, an average of one planned submission each month, before the weekly challenge grids open
  • an evaluation of your blog itself on content and design with clear direction on what’s working and what can be improved (worth countless USD)


Don’t keep yeah write such a secret. We know you know some storytellers who would love the camaraderie, the community, the comments. 

Read well, write well, rewrite often. Yeah write #99 weekly writing challenge grid opens Tuesday.