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Welcome! Some things around here are self-explanatory, some are not so splanatory, but be of good cheer and don’t get frustrated. Feel your way around if you’re not a RTFM kinda person. If reading the instruction manual from cover to cover is more your style, check out the helpful links below. Sunday’s post contains this week’s optional photo prompt. If you get stuck, feel free to email Flood G or email Erica M and we’ll get you turned in the right direction.

The challenge grid is for the personal essay, traditional blog anecdote or creative nonfiction. Flood’s speakeasy is reserved for poetry and fiction. Either one will help you find your blogging tribe, and we’ll be glad to have you.

Call for community moderators

Next week for yeah write #84, the week of American Thanksgiving, open submissions will return to the yeah write challenge grid. Open submissions and open voting. No moderation, no spreadsheet voting. Just good ol’ throwing up whatever you want onto the grid then figuring out the best way to thwart the one vote per IP address, yellow star vote clicking, crushing all opponents, quality and personal merit be damned. You know—the good old days.

The editors will be offline that week, doing whatever we want, so we’ll need about five volunteer community moderators. In comments, please let us know if you’ll be willing to commit to monitoring grid submissions for the standard yeah write no-nos: commercial posts, links to other people’s promotional events, defamatory and/or inflammatory posts or behavior. We’ll also need volunteers to tweet the grid on Tuesday and Wednesday, then another to tweet the GOTV for each submission on Thursday. If you can help out, we’ll email the details.

The moderated grid will return for yeah write #85.

Final week for donating to Jon Alex’s veteran’s memorial project

If yeah write has provided any good value for you, won’t you please consider donating to Erica’s son Jon Alex’s veteran’s memorial service project? Your donation will purchase a wreath to be laid at the grave of a serviceman at Houston Memorial Cemetery. Jon Alex has already met his original goal thanks to 10 grateful yeah write readers and a few friends and family, but there is still time for you to contribute to this worthwhile cause. We’d hate for even one graveside to go without. Please click here to help.

Custom constructive criticism from the yeah write editors is now available for 40 bucks

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  • Trying to figure out your “so what”?
  • Getting off track each week with your narrative?
  • Wondering why the editors scored your entry lower or higher than all the others?

[/arrow_list]You can now request detailed feedback on any previous yeah write grid entry—challenge or speakeasy—from a yeah write contributing editor. Either editor chosen to write your feedback will be qualified as a professional writer with an academic background. We are no slouches in the department of the written word here at yeah write.

Even though we are only accepting orders for past grid submissions, your custom feedback will help for any future ones. Choose any of your past submissions: last week’s challenge, a speakeasy from weeks ago, or go all the way back to lovelinks for $40 each. Click here to order.

Helpful links for virgins and the more experienced



Yeah write #83 weekly writing challenge is open for submissions. We’re using the new Inlinkz widget that may not play well with Internet Explorer browsers. If you’re unable to interact with the grid directly from the yeah write post, here is the RSS feed for this collection that will update with each new submission.