Happy Tuesday, everybody!

If this is your first time here, welcome! Please take a moment to read the yeah write FAQ and the guide to writing a winning yeah write post. Even if you’re not here necessarily for the competition portion of our program, the second link is also designed as a guide to writing a pretty good blog post. I’d love for you to read them both before linking up so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into. Then grab a button from the sidebar—it contains the code you’ll need to add to your post before clicking the blue button to submit it. We’re glad you’re here.

If you’re returning to yeah write for the second or third time, welcome back! I’m glad you had enough fun with us the first time around to bring you here once again. Just in case you missed it, yeah write can be found on Twitter @yhwriteme even though I still use my free fringes account to get the word out to a larger group of followers. Soon enough, @yhwriteme will be the only Twitter account with yeah write tweets. I’ll get there. Baby steps. Old habits. Die hard. All that.

Have you linked up with yeah write more times than you can count? You were a yeah write veteran back when you were called a lovelinks veteran and you remember way back in the spring of  ’11 when lovelinks was at free fringes? I made you a new button! Look in the sidebar at the very top of the super cool button badges. That’s right—total yeah write addict. The linkup code is embedded, so if you wanna grab it for today’s linkup, go for it. 

Some of you guys know me by now: even if it’s your first time here and you feel like a total yeah write addict and that’s the badge you want for today’s linkup? Who am I to say no? You like it, take it. I made it just for you, too. Writing and blogging addictions for everybody!

Yeah write #43 is open. Be good, guys. Be good guys. Be, good guys.